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The domestic audiovisual production: economic values, trends and challenges of a fast-developing industry 2020

eMedia Institute | September 2020

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Tv fiction and the budgeting process

Estimates of the fiction production value and of the different funding sources in 2018
(€ millions and %)

Source: e-Media elaborations for APA on Mibact data and key players reports
(*) Theatrical: The production cost data related to theatrical films have been extracted from « Tutti i numeri del Cinema italiano» years 2017 and 2018 published by MIBACT – Direzione Generale Cinema e Audiovisivo. In absence of the new edition of this publication, data relating to 2019 are the result of an indicative estimate and will be subject to revision. The figures also include a share of films within the animation genre.

Television operators are still the main financing source of domestic tv fiction, with an investment of € 255 million in 2018, i.e. approximately 58% of the total production budget.

The financing of linear TV operators has tended to progressively decrease in percentage as the contribution of OTT operators has grown significantly, rounding approximately € 43 million (10% of the total,) which according to initial estimates in 2019 could reach €70 million (see table 8).

Tax Credit contribution for Fiction stands at approximately € 70 million (16% of the total).

In 2018, Tax Credit was the third major financing resource for the production of Italian fiction, immediately after corporate financing (€ 75 million, 17%), mainly backed by foreign producers.