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The domestic audiovisual production: economic values, trends and challenges of a fast-developing industry 2020

eMedia Institute | September 2020

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The importance of OTT operators

Investment value estimate of OTT audiovisual productions on the Italian Market
(€ million)

Source: e-Media elaborations for APA

The investment of OTT operators on the Italian audiovisual production market (mainly aimed at the Fiction genre) could grow between 2020 and 2022 at an average annual rate of 25% (conservative estimate) or 40% (aggressive estimate).

The investment growth by single operators and by number of market players will drive the overall volume of OTT spending which in 2018 represented 4% of the total and is estimated to extend somewhere between €90 and € 100 million in 2020.

Assuming an overall domestic audiovisual production value of approximately € 1,400 million, the contribution of OTT operators could stand between 9 and 13% of the total.

This is an indicative assessment also due to the strong contraction and evolutionary uncertainty that has affected the audiovisual media market in general as of 2020 (aside from the VoD – OTT segment.)