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The domestic audiovisual production: economic values, trends and challenges of a fast-developing industry 2020

eMedia Institute | September 2020

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Notes on the method

This document reports the data of a market analysis conducted by e-Media Srl and directed by Emilio Pucci between November 2019 and February 2020 on behalf of APA (Audiovisual Producers Association)

e-Media Srl has conducted field surveys and consulted directly numerous market players, documentation and databases in order to analyze the entire audiovisual production sector also on a quantitative level. By force of circumstances, not all figures ​​can be extracted from the companies’ financial statements which report the revenues and production value of individual companies but not the specific data referring to the different genre budgets. In consulting this document it is important to bear in mind that many of the data recorded are the result of estimates, even provisional, produced in the absence of information processed and/or published by official sources. e-media Srl has carried out numerous checks on the data reported but cannot offer any guarantee on their accuracy and reliability.

Under no circumstances shall those who consult this document make strategic or trading decisions, even if partly, on the basis of the data reported which are to be considered estimates only and thus require further analysis and assessments.