The Project

Audiovisual production represents an economic and cultural resource of absolute importance for our country. In the field of TV series as in that of entertainment (with its wide variety of different subgenres), this set of activities occupies a vital and strategic position within the Italian cultural and creative industry in terms of economic value and strategic role, also with respect to foreign countries and to employment repercussions.

The productive value and the socio-cultural impact of the sector have made it necessary to activate a continuative monitoring center followed up by a careful interpretation of its evolution: from the size of the market to the world of professionals that surround it, from the features of the supply chain to the development of the lifecycle of single products, all the way to the innovation and experimentation of language and role models, and their ability to respond to the taste of the audience. 

Today the fabric of audiovisual production is an extremely rich and interwoven scenario, which offers many opportunities for further development and a highly positive outcome for the entire economic system of our country (from the export of original formats, to the enhancement of rights, to the growth of international co-productions, to development of tourism).

Given the endemic lack of data to shape a broader interpretation of the structure of the entire sector, in 2017 Mibact and Istituto Luce Cinecittà accepted the Association’s proposal realized with the support of Bruno Zambardino, professor of Audiovisual Economics and Law at the Dams of ‘Roma Tre’ University, and Massimo Scaglioni, professor in, associate professor in History and Media Economics at the ‘Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore’ in Milan to carry out a complex project, which started out from a first research group that today is the basis of an open monitoring on the audiovisual production state in Italy and that intends to analyze the perspectives, opportunities and critical issues of the sector on a multiannual basis, tendering a series of tools that are useful to read the market’s potential and motivate competitive strategies and policies within the entire sector.

APA Researches is a section to rally all those who have interest in the audiovisual production. This section shall offer a wide range of competent and multidisciplinary perspectives on the diversification of the industry’s supply chain and its content in Europe and the world.

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