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The domestic audiovisual production: economic values, trends and challenges of a fast-developing industry 2020

eMedia Institute | September 2020

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Enterprises in the production sector

The analysis included all (limited only) companies that carried out audiovisual production activity in 2017 and/or 2018; such companies must have at least produced one title distributed in movie theaters, on TV or on Internet platforms, even if free of charge or in the absence of a distribution contract (for example, titles distributed on video-sharing platforms).

Many of the companies analyzed have had access to film and/or audiovisual production tax credit and/or to selective funds for the years 2017 and/or 2018. 

Besides carrying out production activities, it should be noted that among the companies analyzed, some also operate in other segments of the same audiovisual chain (executive production, technical services, distribution, etc.). For this reason, the production data hereby reported (revenues from sales and services, other revenues and income, shifts in work direction etc.) should not be considered as a result of audiovisual production activities only.

The research took into account 560 limited companies (mainly but not exclusively registered with Ateco code 59.11), selecting 372, for a total production value of € 1,591 million.

Number of “active” theatrical-video-tv production companies and total production value (mixed activities) year 2018

Source: e-Media estimate for APA on companies’ financial statements