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The domestic audiovisual production: economic values & industry trends

eMedia Institute | October 2023

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TV & VOD series and movies production

TV & VOD series and movies production – investment

  • Considering only TV & online (VOD) feature-length works (one-shot works or serials), overall investments in fiction have reached €672m1, 2 growing at significant rates. This growth is essentially due to the entry of global VOD operators on the market who have been increasing their investments in these genres since 2018.

Overall budget composition for TV & VOD series and films – investment by source

  • Linear TV operators – increasingly involved in the production of titles for their VoD platforms – record a stable annual fiction investment (around €250m)
  • The largest share of the annual budget for fiction works is made up of the contribution of domestic producers (supported by the Tax Credit and other aid) and of upstream producers and distributors (gap financing) in the form of a guaranteed minimum.
  • An important and growing role is played by global VOD operators who are becoming major protagonists in the production of series and films.

Investment evolution estimate of linear TV & VOD operators in fictional works

  • Despite the forecast, the growth of global VOD investments is believed to slow down between 2023 and 2025. This slowdown will also be due to limited (or in any case lower than expected) investments of the new players in the SVOD market.
  • Linear TV operators will maintain leadership in terms of budget but will in any case be committed to producing a greater title volume with a smaller average budget mainly for the domestic market.