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2022 audiovisual activities: data on businesses and employment

Symbola Foundation | July 2023

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Women manager

Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce Register, the presence of women in the audiovisual supply chain was further explored: management. In particular, through a selection of specific roles6, the number of women managers was isolated, amounting to 2,571 in the supply chain in 2022, an increase compared to 2021 (+5.2%). Again, the share of the sector, 23.1%, is lower (but the yearly variation has narrowed) than the overall businesses (24.9%).

6 More specifically, this goes through a selection of 93 managers within the macro categories “Managing Director” or “Other offices”, such as President, Chief Executive Officer, General Manager, etc

Female presence in corporate management in the audiovisual sector and in the overall businesses
Year 2022 (percentage)

Women and men breakdown in corporate management within the audiovisual core by production sectors.

Year 2022 (absolute value / percentage)

SectorsAbsolute valuePercentage %
5911Theatrical, video & TV production activities1,7025,8887,59022.477.6100.0
5912Theatrical, video & TV post-production activities10138548620.879.2100.0
5913Theatrical, video & TV distribution activities*13639052625.974.1100.0
5914Exhibition activities4641,3921,85625.075.0100.0
6020TV programming & broadcasting activities*16850767524.975.1100.0
TOTAL AUDIOVISUAL2,5718,56211,13323.176.9100.0
TOTAL BUSINESSES1,108,3153,349,4074,457,72224.975.1100.0

Due to an increase in the presence of women in 2022, the activity with the highest share of women managers can be found in the Theatrical, video & TV distribution (25.9%), whereas in exhibition, the share has dropped to second place with a value of 25.0% (in 2021 it was 25.2%).

Another positive data is in the TV programming & broadcasting activities, where the share of women managers has risen to 24.9% compared to the much lower 20.8% in 2021, while the presence in Theatrical, video & TV production and post-production is lower (22.4% in the first case and 20.8% in the second, respectively).

The changes in the last year highlight what has already been said regarding the presence of women managers in TV programming & broadcasting activities, which has grown as much as 18.3% compared to a 6.3% decrease among men managers.

The women data in Theatrical, videos & TV distribution is growing (+6.3%), with a significant gap compared to male managers (+1.0%), just as equally positive dynamics occur in Theatrical, videos & TV production activities (+6.2%, while male managers recorded a +3.1%).

Women managers in the post-production are more modest and have increased less than men (+1.0%, while men increased by 5.2%); both women (-1.7%) and men managers decrease in Exhibition, albeit men quite less (-0.5%).

2021/2022 dynamics of women and men in corporate management within the audiovisual core by production sectors
(percentage variation)

Finally, age dynamics can also be explored among women managers.

Breakdown by sectors of women and men under 35 in corporate management within the audiovisual core
Year 2022 (percentage)

The numbers are limited, and the 205 young managers of the audiovisual sector account for 8.0% of the total, a higher share than in the case of young men (6.9%). This figure is the result of a fairly widespread youth presence in female management in the audiovisual sectors: 11.9% stand out in Theatrical, video & TV post-production activities, 8.9% in Theatrical, video & TV production activities, and 7.7% in TV programming & broadcasting activities. On the other hand, in 2022, women managers in Exhibition have declined to 5.0% (from 6.1% in 2021).