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The ‘Associazione Produttori Audiovisivi’ launches a new online platform

by Redazione APA | 09.04.2019

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After the presentation of the 1st Report on the National Audiovisual Production, which took place in Rome on March 12th, today APA is launching “APA Researches: The Audiovisual Figures”, a new online platform, which can be accessed exclusively from the Association’s website, All users will be given the opportunity to consult a constantly updated area featuring researches, news related to the sector, and all those data that, for the first time, can actually provide the true dimension of the Italian audiovisual industry.

“The renewed role of APA in the Italian audiovisual system marks another important progress today with the launch of an online portal that can be considered from here on out the point of reference of the domestic and international industry,” stated the President of the Association, Giancarlo Leone. 

The portal will guarantee a constant scrutiny of the audiovisual production state in Italy on one hand, while delivering specialized news and surveys bound to specific products or themes of interest, on the other.

The first content distributed through the new APA portal will be the unabridged version of “Italian Original,” a research developed by E-Media – the first to underline the revival phase currently experienced by the national audiovisual production which over the past two years has reached a value close to 1 billion euros, together with data of Osservatorio sulla Fiction Italiana (OFI), a group that records the results in terms of hours of TV fiction (TV movies, series, miniseries, sitcoms, soap-operas, collections) broadcasted by Rai, Mediaset, Sky and Disney and Netflix within the domestic audiovisual market.  

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